Rhythmic gymnastics is a beautiful sport that combines elements of ballet, dance, and apparatus manipulation to create graceful routines. The sport promotes physical fitness, flexibility, coordination, and artistic expression. By enrolling your children in rhythmic gymnastics, parents can introduce them to a unique and elegant form of exercise that fosters discipline, creativity, and confidence.

Why rhythmic gymnastics?

Benefits of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Social Interaction

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that is often practiced in groups, allowing athletes to form social connections with teammates, develop teamwork skills, and build friendships.

Improved Flexibility

Rhythmic gymnastics requires a high level of flexibility and encourages athletes to work on and improve their flexibility, leading to increased range of motion and reduced risk of injury.

Enhanced Body Control

The sport consists of precise movements and requires excellent body control to execute routines. With regular participation, athletes can improve their body control and awareness.

Improved Mental Health

The physical exercise and rhythmic movements in the sport can have a positive effect on mental health, helping to reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and improve mood.

Opportunities for Competition

Athletes in rhythmic gymnastics have the opportunity to compete at various levels, increasing their motivation and boosting their progress in the sport.

Increased Strength and Stamina

The sport requires athletes to have good strength and endurance to execute complex moves and routines. Regular participation in rhythmic gymnastics can help improve overall strength and stamina.

Improved Coordination and Balance

Rhythmic gymnastics requires athletes to perform precise movements with coordination, balance, and precision. Participation in the sport can help improve these skills.

  • Competitive Program

    The Rhythmic Development Program is a developmental program that helps prepare athletes from the beginning stages of rhythmic gymnastics until the time they are ready to make the move to the Elite Program.

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  • Recreational Program

    Rhythmic Xcel is a program offered by USA Gymnastics that provides an alternative option for rhythmic gymnasts who are interested in competitive gymnastics but who may not have the opportunity to compete at the elite or junior elite levels.

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  • Aesthetic Group Gymnastics

    AGG involves teams of gymnasts performing dynamic and expressive routines set to music. These routines blend elements of dance, gymnastics, and ballet to create visually stunning and synchronized performances.

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  • Svetlana T.

    I'm former Olympic Rhythmic gymnast, I represented Israel at the Olympics Sydney 2000, I've been teaching gymnastics for more than 20 years. I decided to take my daughter to Crystal. I was impressed with the professionalism of the coaches and well planned productive practices. Just after a few weeks I saw major improvements from my daughter. She loves coming here and getting better every day.

  • Alla T.

    My daughter likes this school and really enjoys going to training every day. Sofia, our coach, is a great professional and a fashion icon for girls; my daughter looks up to her. We noticed excellent changes after one month of training, and the outcomes have increased with each training. Sofia and Oksana have created an environment of genuine care and respect for children; they like what they do, and it shows!

  • Albina B.

    Coaches are great with kids of all ages and abilities. Their training approach is very personalized and result oriented. Highly recommend this place!

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